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İnnovativ Biznes İnkubator


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The Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction's Innovative Business Incubator Center is a facility that promotes the growth of start-up businesses to offer faculty and students a range of services and opportunities. Starting up, or working to develop the center projects in the early going. Incubation centers frequently have access to cash or other awards, as well as food space and services, StartUp source boot camps, and marketing applications. The center offers the following operational services: business planning, branding, certification, networking, mentoring, and access to networking.

The Business Incubator Center has carried out numerous projects. For 2016–2017, a brand-new business incubator center project is being created. The university conducts research and has substantial involvement in the project supported by Pasha Holding. With major involvement, the university is involved in research. The major objective of the project is to install 3D models based on old drawings of the architectural monuments spread throughout the Armenians in the Karabakh region.


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