All applications for submitting startup projects, becoming an investor, participating as an expert should be made on the competition’s official website only. No offline applications are allowed. Detailed business plans of the semifinalists could be sent by e-mail.

The deadline for applications is set by the Organizing Committee. The deadline date cannot be changed by the Organizing Committee during the competition.

The applications should be filled in and sent as it’s indicated in online form. All fields marked with an asterisk (*) are required.

ATTENTION! Only active projects that already have any initial version, demo version, initial version of one or more services could apply to Startup Azerbaijan Competition. Projects that are at the business-idea or prototype stage are not accepted to this competition.

You can modify your application before the registration deadline. After the deadline no changes are accepted. After successful registration the information about your project will appear at the website.

An email confirming your project’s approval will be sent to you.

While filling in the online form it’s recommended to choose a short and catchy name in the Title and Slogan lines. It should be noted that other members of project can also register in the system and attend Startup Azerbaijan events.

In Mini-CV line you can indicate team members working on the project. If there is no team, you can indicate additional information about yourself. In Demo (Site) line you should indicate your project’s prototype (website’s URL).

The brief information about project should be no more than 100-120 characters. This information will be open for public. The brief information reflects project’s main idea and activity direction; it will appear in form of slider at the website.

In the Extended Text you can enter other important information required for promotion of project. You can enter about one-page text here. This information is also open for public and mainly used for project promotion. Therefore, do not enter any commercial and undesirable information here.  

In order to submit any important information for experts ‘evaluation you should use Upload Document menu. Experts will mainly use this information during the initial evaluation. You can enter no more than 1500 characters here. The entered information should cover the project’s general idea, competitiveness and sales (service) issues, information about the team etc. This information will be closed to public.

Semifinalists provide more extended business-plans on their projects. Business-plan should reflect the full description of project. Semifinalists will pass certain trainings on how to present and design a business-plan.

Below you can see the main components of a business-plan. You can enter no more than 2500-3000 characters here.

It’s very important to provide concise and clear business-plan.

Main components of a business-plan:

  • Concept, idea
  • Market research, sales and marketing
  • Your competitive advantage
  • Finance plan
  • Team
  • Estimated flow of funds

You can use our Template to prepare a business plan.  

It’s also recommended to submit business plans in English.  

Registered investors provide brief information about their activities in the Mini-CV section.